Every company needs information every time that a decision has to be taken.

Information can be of an organisational, technological, financial, conceptual or scientific nature and can help companies to :

- understand market trends
- introduce product innovation and quality
- improve cost effectiveness
- hire qualified employees
- enhance the quality of customer service
- reduce risks involved in the decision making process
- acquire a long term approach

The Self-Diagnosis Guide (SDG) aims to help entrepreneurs and managers of small businesses to understand the kind of information they need to improve their competitiveness and how to acqire it .

We suggest that SDG be used through its 4 sections.

Each section is conceptually linked to the other and specific reference marks con guide in reading. However, each section has also its own objective and con be used separately.

The SDG does not require any specific assistance to be utilised. We only suggest that attention be paid to the introduction placed at the beginning of each section.