Leonardo da Vinci project

Training renewal on eco-sustainable development

Tool kit on eco-sustainable development

(handbook for the use of the tool kit)

What is the tool kit?

The tool kit is a model for continuous learning in the field of ecosustnable development. During the last years the idea of sustainable development has been understood as an aim, which integrates the environmental, social and economic dimensions, which are still considered in single sectors. To put this aim into practice it is consequently necessary to define new means for sustainable development, but also new attitudes, new production models for goods and services, news life styles and ways of consumption, new educational and training methodologies as well as new vocational skills.

In this context the tool kit intends to create a system of supporting means for transformations during the process of continuous learning, which includes institutional, social and economic actors, who participate in sustainable development.

Starting point of the tool kit is indeed the approach of "community learning" a methodology based on the interaction of different actors in order to share and to create new knowledge by the exchange of experience (good practice for sustainable development.

New information and communication technologies, allowing a better integration of subject areas, new individual ways of learning and a higher interaction among different actors, are contributing to such a learning methodology.