Table of contents

Executive summary

1. Introduction
2. The review of practice (short cases report)
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Origins, contexts and perspectives
2.3 Involvement and evolution
2.4 Orientations
2.5 Outcomes, performances, and prospects
2.6 Initial conclusions

3. Report on the cases studies - comparative analysis
3.1 The concept of Lifelong Learning
3.2 Socio - economic context of the analysed cities
3.3 Istitutional competencies in the field of education and continuos training
3.4 Educational and training traditions
3.5 Orientations ol LL initiatives and formal declarations
3.6 The process of LL initiation and organisation
3.7 Activities in scope of city initiatives
3.8 Evaluation of the initiatives
3.9 The results: effectiveness, coherence, efficiency
3.9a Schedules of case studies

4. Conclusions and recommendations
4.1 Conclusions
4.2 Recommendations for City Policy Makers

5. Bibliography

Annex 1 - Short cases
Annex 2 - Case studies