This report describes the activities and summarizes the rsults of the first implementation phase of the trasnational project "Adaptation of the qualifications to the technological and organizational changes in the textile and clothing sector". This project is promoted by Carpi Formazione and financed within the European Union's Leonardo da Vinci Programme (see the following chapter).

Specifically, the phase described in the first three chapters has brought about the recognition and analysis of the main professionals working in the textile and clothing field (knitwear and garment making divisions). This was carried out in the zone of Carpi and in the textile zones of the countries that are partners in the project (the zones of Igualada in Spain, Cholet in France, Nottingham in the United Kingdom).
Thid first phase also resulted in the homogenization of the tasks and of the key skills of the profiles noted in the various zones by "professionals areas". Another results of the first phase was the final draft of a "professionality map" of the professional profile hypothesis that can be recognized and extended on a European basis for the textile and clothing field.

The fourth chapter completes the report and takes into consideration the training needs identified by the analysis. It does this by describing, on a macro-project level, several training courses which, when redesigned in detail so as to adapt them to the needs and to the specific situations of the individual zones, will constitute the first adaptation of skills. These training courses will be tested during the project's third year in the partner countries' textile zones.

Therefore, the report can be placed in a context of "initiating a European process that will allow the comparison and dissemination of key skills and the best tools for acquiring them, evaluating them, and certifying them" as hoped in the White Book "Teaching an Learning - Towards the Cognitive Society", 1995, published by the European Commission.

In this context it is proposed as a basic information tool in support of the training course designer and teachers working in the member countries' trainig and educational institutions for the textile and clothing field. It is also proposed as an action for raising the quality of the training offered, of the transparency, and of the corresponding possibility of certification of professional qualifications throughout the Europea Community.