Leonardo da Vinci Programme
"Lifelong learning enforcement and the empowerment of older workers " - LLEEO


the first task assumed by IRES, as the promoter and co-ordinator of the entire project, is to put together a grid, outlining:

1 . the focus group methodology;
2 . the themes to be examined;
3 . the actors to involve.

During the first transnational meeting in Rome on 6 March (see minute sent you on 20.3.2000), it was unanimously decided by the partner countries in the "Over 45" project (Italy, Finland, Spain and Sweden), to fix the number of focus groups to 6.
For Bulgaria and Romania, 2 focus groups will be conducted, as they are new partners and are therefore required to produce a research report on the themes of the labour market, adult education system and the causes of the expulsion of older workers, including an analysis of an enterprise case study.
in this phase, we will outline some guidelines for the European partner countries.