The Research activity
The context of reference of the transnational research is constituted from the item of the sustainable development, meant like a objective that integrate the dimension of Environment, Economy and Society, Nevertheless, the sustainable development implies the necessity to put in action new models of life, production, consumption defined in the respect of the ecosystem characteristics and in the conscience of not renewal resources Therefore, the sustainable development must make reference to one diffuse participation of the objectives and the responsibilities of the environmental policies Therefore participation have to realize a complete involvement of the social and economic actors(enterprises, schools, institutions, citizens).

Moreover, some criteria guide could be singled out. They represent the reference Transnational activities development for elaborating products:
•Local dimension: the dimension of the unit of political - administrative decentralization of the country. Such area must be small to allow real processes of participation of the social and economic subjects and large to receive adequate resources in order to activate processes of local sustainable development;
•Integration: the interactive character of the sustainable development, that require a systemic vision of the environmental, social and economic approaches and aspects in the definition of policies and strategies of participation and their performance;
•participation: the direct involvement of the social, economic, institutional subjects in the decisional processes and in the realization of actions for the sustainable levelopment. Therefore, participation require the definition of the modalities and the techniques in order to put into effect such processes of participation;
Coordination: efficient processes of decision for the sustainable development must be characterized from a narrow and not fragmentary decisional arena, from linearity and brevity of the decisional path;
•Eco-sustainability: processes of development must be defined in the respect of the ecosystem characteristics and of not renewal resources, in an environment conception meant like with of closely interrelate natural and anthropte components between them