The LOCOSTAFF project consisted mainly in the definition, development, testing and evaluation of a pilot training programme addressed to mediium&high; level municipality staff and to other public administrators with specific tasks in the field of public services and to whom the current reform will commit increasingly demanding roles.

The overall aim for this handbook is to report about the activities orgnised to reach the project objectives, the outcomes of partners- joint project work and possible ideas for future project development.

Chapter 1 of the handbook includes an overview of the project implementation, mentioning objectives, organisational procedures and partership management, activities developed and outcomes, impact on beneficiaries and on systems involved. The chapter includes also a description of evaluation and dissemination strategies.

Chapter 2 summarizes the context afore described and introduces the sstate-of-the-art of public services in some European Cuntries; from the analysis carried out the crucial points are focused as well as structural needs stemming from ongoing changes, in order to get to the identificatiion of strategc themes and sectors on which to plan training.

Chapter 3 underlines the common criteria on which the partnership agreed and based the definition of pilot training programme and its assessment.
Chapter 4 describes the experiences carried out in the Eurpean partner regions (Comminidad Valenciana, Region de Murcia, Crete, Sicily and the region of Karlsruhe), starting from the identification of local peculiarities to develop the training programme and test it on a regional basis, at last assessing results and impact obtainde. Some documents and outputs issued by the partners in relation to regional testing phase are attached to Chapter 4.

In conclusion, Chapter 5 gives an overall evaluation of the project experience, checking the reliability and current relevance of hypotheses put forward in the starting phase of the project and drawing from the project outcomes some giudelines for European training of regional devlopment agents with reference to modern trends in the field of public sectors.