Tourism has always had an impact on economy and regional development, sometimes having also an influence on the traditional productive sectors.

Tourism determines a stimulating effect on the creation of jobs strictly associated and indirectly on mamy other sectors of economy, starting from trasportation to construction not to mention the food industry.

From the Maastrich treaty, it is said that in order to reach goals of cooperation from the UE compete with the Asian and Latin American markets.

In this contest Tourism and its development represented a prime sector for the regional development, their integration in the global market, it is the source of work mainly for the young which live in depressed areas and have difficulty integrating in the working world. If on one side Tourism represents a "Door" towards regional development and therefore an indisputable benefit on the other hand we have a sector which needs new professional figures capable of utilizing the knowledgeg acquired and developped from the new innovate technology.

The study to formulate a Guide for a training course "planner of touristic-cultural interventions" goes through an analysis of the touristic development in the various European regions with particular reference to specific areas, which allow, however, the transposition of microcosmo to a global reality. It is not possible today to keep this study on the technological development separated which has on one side accelerated mevements reducing time and incouraging touristic mass movements which now take place during the twelve months of the year.

The actions of touristic and cultural promotions are renovating more and more using fase means such as telematics (Internet) and adopting communication instruments applied to systems (interactive) such as CD-ROM.

In this contest it is necessary to look for a professional figure capable of mixing the touristic-cultural knoledge with marketing and classical communication and with those offered by the new technology.

This Guide is an instrument to be consulted in order to develop a training course so to define the figure of "Planner of Touristic-cultural intervention".