R.UN. (Retraining long term unemployed) was approved by the European programme Leonardo da Vinci under strand I.1.1. e in 1995.

The project involves three countries, namely Italy, Holland and Finland and 4 partners: Istituto Professionale "L. Einaudi" and Fopri Consortium, Italy; OVD Group, Ede, Holland and Vocational Adult Education Centre, Pori, Finland.

Istituto professionale "L. Einaudi" from Grosseto, Italy is the contractor and the coordinatoor of the project.

The project deals with a number of key issues related to the requalification of disadvantaged groups in the labour market. Namely, the project refers to the aspect of long-term unemployement.

It is confirmed that the awareness of the importance of continuing education and training should not be taken for granted.
The main objective of the R.UN. program is to make use of the most interesting experiences in the 3 countries in the fields of adults'education, training and job re-orientation, consolidating and enhancing them.

The partnership developped products and methodologies according to the needs of each organisation. Motivation to learning has been considered by the partners as the commn theme to face with.

Motivation towards learning/training and the training of trainers have been regerded by the partners as the common problems to be dealt with. The common product of the partnership consist of a selection of the tools. This was given the name of Curriculum to remotivate long term unemployed workers. The above product intends to promote and guarantee the access to educational, training, and remotivation programmes for the target group. It is addressed to teachers/tutors and adults students involved in training programmes.

The curriculum consists of 6 tools and one Appendix:

Tool 1: Guide for adults'trainers
Tool 2: Guide for adult students
Tool 3: The intake form
Tool 4: Personality test
Tool 5: Motivation Interview
Tool 6: case: commercial Skills