The materials

These materials are aimed at trade union officers, workers representatives and Euro Works Council representatives who want to learn English for professional or social purposes. The aim of the materials is to develop language skills within a trade union context.

The materials have been designed to be used at Level 2 or lower intermediate level. There are 4 units, each providing 30-40 hours of group study. Each unit is based on a particular theme which is intended to be appropriate to learners involved in trade union and Euro Works Council activities.

The themes are:
Unit I - Euro Works Councils
Unit 2 - Occupagonal Acffvitfes and Interests
Unit 3 - Educadon and Training
Unit 4 - Living Conditions and the Environment

The materials are designed so that they may be used with some flexibility. Certain groups of activities should be studied together, where, for example, certain vocabulary items or language functions are studied in preparation for a particular speaking activity.

Each unit focuses on language skills in such a way to allow the tutor to vary the nature and pace of the work according to the needs of the group.

What each unit contains

- Looking Ahead
This page summarises the activities which are covered in each unit. The mix of activities varies from unit to unit.

- Working with Listening
Each unit is accompanied by recorded listening activities on audio-cassette. Different kinds of listening skills are developed, including listening for gist and listening for specific information.

Working with Speaking
Emphasis is placed on working in pairs and small groups in order to build up confidence before speaking to the whole group.

- Working with Reading
The texts have been chosen from a range of authentic sources. Learners are usually reading to extract specific information, not to understand the whole text in detail. The reading materials are exploited to develop vocabulary.

- Working with Writing
A variety of types of writing practice is given. Practice varies from informal writing (a fax, a personal letter) to more formal writing (form filling, a brief report, a presentation, formal letters).

- Working with Vocabulary
These sections focus on vocabulary related to the theme of the unit.
Some exercises prepare the learner for vocabulary they will need for talking about the theme.

- Working with Grammar
Each unit has a specific grammar focus with the presentation of structures followed by appropriate exercises. There is not, however, a comprehensive coverage of grammar. It is anticipated that an experienced tutor will supplement these materials.

Additional Materials

Some of these materials have been adapted for use on a CD-Rom. The CD-Rom serves as a learning tool for independent study and is not intended to be used in conjunction with the printed materials.